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Ponyo, Ponyo



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ponyo - ponyo (backflip squee)
Ha, I win!

On behalf of annehiro, welcome to the (first and only? reaaly?) Livejournal community dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki's squee-inducing Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea. Say hi, post fic and graphics and love letters to Fujimoto anything else related to the film.

  • \o/
  • well it's a bit late but I'm saying hi! And also that I'm surprised that there's so little life here, but hopefully that may change? I know ff.net has plenty of (fujimoto love-letters) stories under Ponyo, so there's no lack of fans.

    I'll be dressing up as Fuji for halloween, so perhaps I might post some pics up for fun. I know I've seen an amazing cosplay by a pair of asian girls...

    Anyway, I'm quite taken with Ponyo, the concept, the beauty of the execution, the mystical Miyazaki flavour, the girl, the Risa, (the sorcerer), and etc, and thus very open to conversation/discussion/mutual obsessing most of the time. Pleasure to discover this place and all its potential!
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